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AEB-2 & AUB-2 Scroll Basses
Design and Construction Details:
Building The Body...Page 2

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The top and back for each body are cut from the same board. Here, all the internal routing of the chambers is done, and the blanks will be roughly bandsawn to the external shape.

The top and back are glued together between the heavy platens of a clamping fixture.

In this setup, the router cuts the F-holes through the front and back surfaces into the internal chambers.

With this fixture, the router cuts the cavities for the pickup housing and the controls.

This routing fixture cuts the radiused edge around the perimeter of the body, using a specially ground bit. Six different top plates of this fixture are interchanged to cut the upper and lower edges of the body in three passes each.

This routing fixture holds the body vertically while the router trims the pocket for the tailpiece.

This compound fixture holds the body at an angle while the router cuts surface for the jack plate. Plug-in inserts allow the router to cut the clearance hole for the jack, and a drill to make the bolt holes.