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A Quick Tour Of My Shop...

Yes, it takes a lot of stuff to build basses completely from scratch. I have about $60,000worth of machinery and tools that I've bought and built over the last 15 years. And I never seem to have enough...

This is where it all happens, a 2400 sq ft industrial building in sunny Burbank, CA.

The final assembly bench is in the foreground, with SSB prototype #001 on it. In the backgroundis the carving and shaping bench.

The main woodworking area, with the routing bench at the left, and a cluster of woodworkingmachines.

The machine shop, where I make all the metal hardware. Besides instruments, I love working withold machinery. The whiteish machine in the foreground is a 1905 LeBlonde horizontal mill that I'm restoring.

A view from over the carving bench, back towards the machine shop. My special saw for cutting fret slots is at the lower right.

The sanding & buffing bench is in the center, and the rack to the left of it holds most of the fixtures needed to build the AEB-2/AUB-2 Scroll Basses.